William-J-Cruse-DDS-Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio-www.williamjcrusedds.comA healthy, beautiful smile can dramatically enhance your confidence.

Restore your smile with Dr. William J. Cruse DDS Cosmetic Dental services. For any patients wether they have fairly healthy gums and teeth or the once with dental problems. As a Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio, Dr.Cruse provides a comprehensive range of dental care solutions to enhance the overall look and feel of your teeth and mouth. An attractive smile is a great asset and makes a great difference in being confident about yourself. Come and let our Cosmetic Dentist William J. Cruse DDS help you look better.

Being an expert in Cosmetic Dental Procedures, he critically examines the condition of your teeth and gums, offering the most effective treatment options to enhance your smile. We specialize in providing solutions for different dental conditions such as severely discolored teeth, chipped, spaced or cracked teeth.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services

If you want to enhance the beauty of your smile or undergo some cosmetic changes to your teeth, Dr. Cruse is the best choice. Dr. Cruse has vast experience as a Cosmetic Dentist, offering a wide range of services.

Using bonding technics, theeth whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Implants and Crowns, we will target your image aspiration to achieve the look you want. Whether it is sexy, sporty, romantic or sophisticated. Dr.Cruse inserts his artistic and technical excellence, superior communication skills and a level of compassion that is hard to find in the health services. Our nurturing, welcoming staff is without parallel in providing five-star service and support. Now that you have found one of the best Dentists in San Antonio, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Cruses Cosmetic Dental Office in San Antonio @ 210-496-7000

Teeth Whitening

Feeling like your teeth are not as white as they could be, despite your daily oral hygiene routine? Fancy getting that “DING” worthy grin, but don’t have the bank balance of an A-Lister?

You are just one of millions who regularly visit your dentist, floss meticulously and brush twice daily, but regrettably, still have that grey-toothed-tint.

This unfortunate staining is a result of years of caffeine addiction, sugary sodas, and those “small” glasses of your favorite Cabernet. Smoking is another prime offender that discolors the outer layers of the teeth.

Dr. William J. Cruse, Family & Cosmetic Dentist, regards professional tooth whitening as the best method of whitening those molars, and one of the simplest cosmetic dentistry procedures out there.

So what stains your teeth?

Over-exposure to fluoride as child
Health conditions which cause discoloration
Natural ageing
Sugary sodas and sports drinks
Coffee and tea

Golden rules for a whiter smile:

Keep brushing and flossing
Brush or rinse immediately after food
Avoid exposure to stain causing substances

If you want to dazzle your friends and colleagues with that celebrity smile then call family and cosmetic dentist, Dr. William J. Cruse.

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