A DENTAL BRIDGE Restores Your Bite

Dr. William J. Cruse Family Dental Care provides the highest quality of dental services and patient care possible. With the advance of dental technology and experience, a patients teeth that would have been lost before, now can be saved. However, there are circumstances when a loss of tooth is unavoidable. When a tooth cannot be restored to full functionality and natural appearance, extraction of the tooth becomes necessary.
Dental Bridge by Dr. William J. Cruse DDS San Antonio

Replacing a lost tooth is Critical

Gaps in your tooth line can compromise the health of your other teeth, cause difficulty chewing, or go as far as causing problems in your speech – not to mention that it looks quite unsightly. The fall-back for missing teeth is a dental bridge. The great thing is that a Bridge can replace a single tooth or several teeth at once.

Different types of bridges

The most commonly used style is known as a traditional bridge. It consists of one or several false teeth (pontics) suspended between dental crowns. The teeth are made of high quality dental porcelain, shaped and colored to match your existing teeth perfectly. The crowns are placed on existing prepped teeth or dental implants. If existing teeth are used, they will need to be reduced and shaped to have the crowns fit on them. This may very well be a rather practical option if teeth adjacent to the gap are compromised and need crowning.
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Implant supported bridges

An implant supported dental bridge is an excellent option for most patients. They allow you to replace only the missing teeth, without having to compromise the health of any remaining teeth to support the crowns. It also allows for shorter application to fill the space.

There’s other choices of dental bridges that can be used in specific situations, but we will cross that Bridge ( no pun intended ) when you come to our office.

The procedure

The process may differ, depending on your individual needs and style of bridge to be used. For a traditional dental bridge, supported by adjacent teeth, the procedure is very simple and rather similar to dental crowns. The teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared, impressions are taken, and your bridge is fabricated at a dental laboratory. In about two or three weeks, your smile will be fully restored, functional and gorgeous.
So, come see Dr. Cruse if you need a Dental Bridge to restore your teeth.

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