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There are different options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Of course, the best one is preventive care, which may be able to preserve your natural teeth for life. However, when a replacement is needed, we have solutions that virtually mimics all natural teeth in appearance, functionality, strength, and oral health benefits. Implant supported restorations are considered the best tooth replacement option in most situations. San Antonio's -dental implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is not a replacement tooth. It replaces the tooth root. Other dental prosthetics are supported by gum tissue or existing teeth, which can pose a host of problems. Removable appliances can be unstable, and those permanently affixed to teeth can fail if the tooth that they are placed on, decays. Additionally, these options do not benefit bone health.

A dental implant is a rather smal cylindrical piece of titanium, which is inserted in the jawbone where a root would naturally be. Titanium is unique in it’s ability to bond with living bone tissue, a process known as osseointegration. Without the stimulation provided by a tooth root or dental implant, the bone begins to resorb. Over time, this can affect the alignment of remaining teeth, as well as the visible contours of your face.

Restorations with Dental Implants

Dental Implants are placed into your jaw in a gentle, comfortable, and highly predicable surgery. One can compare the procedure to having a tooth extracted. Any soreness is usually mild, and will fade away within a few days. The next step in the restoration of your smile is attaching beautiful new crowns, bridges or dentures. Depending on your dental situation, implants may be restored immediately, or after osseointegration is complete.

The restorations are designed with the same meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality for which Dr. William J. Cruse is known. Implant supported restorations look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. They require no more care and attention than teeth. With regular dental visits and good oral hygiene, dental implants are expected to last a lifetime!

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