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Having a confident smile is important to so many aspects of your life. Your relationships, your overall health and lifestyle.

Loosing many or all of your natural teeth can be very traumatic, emotionally devastating and
will take many foods right of your plate.

Dentures have long been the solution of choice.

Thanks to great progress in technology and dental materials, today’s replacement teeth look great, are very comfortable and functional. As always, Dr. William J. Cruse DDS offers nothing but the best of materials and service to his patients when you need to be fitted with Dentures.


partial-dentures- full dentures - dentures san antonioIf only some teeth are missing, partial replacement may be just the right fit for you. These are removable appliances, designed to fit around existing teeth. They do sometimes require existing teeth to be crowned. They are also a very popular temporary solution, if patients haven’t made up their mind as to a permanent replacements.

Full Dentures

A full plate appliance is what you probably envision when you hear the word dentures. They replace all of the teeth on the upper arch and lower jaw. Upper plates cover the roof of your mouth, and lowers are www.williamjcrusedds.com - new dentures-shaped like a horseshoe to fit around your tongue on the lower jaw-line. Traditionally, they are designed to be a snug fit which creates suction against your gums, keeping the denture in place. Adhesive is available if suction alone is insufficient and recommended in many cases for the lower portion.

Today we can also offer the option of implant supported dentures. They look like traditional affordable dentures, except they are typically smaller. Because suction is unnecessary, they do not need to cover as much gum tissue or the roof of your mouth. These protetics may be fitted with attachments that snap over implants, or be permanently attached.

Care Of Your Denture

Affordable Dentures today are made from very advanced materials designed to give you a natural appearance.
However, keep in mind that Dentures just like your teeth, should be cared for. This means daily brushing and visits to your dentist for minor adjustments.

Just like natural teeth, dentures need to be cleansed of plaque, food particles and other debris. Keeping your dentures in good shape will help keep the soft tissues of your mouth healthy; use a denture cleanser like polident and a splash of regular Listerine or Equate Mouth Wash in the container where you place your dentures at night, before you go to bed. Taking out your Dentures helps your gums to rest while sleeping.


Our mouths undergo changes all of the time. Gums and jawbone can change shape; in many cases, the bone and gum tend to shrink over time after teeth have been extracted.

Most denture wearers experience a break-in period of as long as a couple of months, during which the tissues surrounding their extracted teeth must heal. Conventional denture wearers should periodically visit their dentist to have the appliances adjusted.

Adjustments are very important. Loose-fitting appliance, or one that has not been adjusted right to compensate for gum or jaw changes could cause pressure points, leading to mouth sores and possible infection. Regular dental visits will provide an opportunity to replace or repair loose teeth, or make small adjustments to dentures that may have become chipped or cracked.

Over the long run, the base of a denture may need to be “re-lined” to become readapted to your changing bone structure.

Denture Adhesives

In general, your upper Denture should have enough suction to stay put. Your Lower dentures even if they fit well may still need a small measure of help stay in place for the day. A good quality denture adhesive is acceptable. Older, poorly fitting dentures may damage the soft tissues of the mouth, and should be replaced as soon as possible. Check with our office for affordable Dentures San Antonio.

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