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William-J-Cruse-DDS-Family Dentist San Antonio-www.williamjcrusedds.comFamily Dentistry includes the assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and management of different types of oral conditions, diseases and disorders.

Having great oral health is an important part of maintaining excellent overall well-being.

Plaque and gingivitis are not only tooth, gums and mouth issue, it has long been evident that Dental Disease may contribute to a range of health problems including diabetes, heart attacks, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions.

Research Shows

In research it was discovered that issues from periodontal disease may increase the chances of inflammation in other parts of the body, which is a prominent factor in rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.

Dr. Cruse your Family Dentist in San Antonio will go above and beyond to provide the best dental treatment and comfort for his patients.

When you visit Dr. William J. Cruse DDS for your family dental care, what you will receive is the best treatment in San Antonio from a seasoned, professional Team! We understand that you are a unique individual, and we believe that your dental care should be customized to meet your needs. Dr. William J. Cruse Dentist does not merely treat teeth; he improves looks with radiantly healthy smiles! As a Family Dentist in San Antonio Dr. Cruse provides excellent service to his patients.

Preventive care

We believe that prevention is always the best treatment. No one is safe, at any age any one can experience tooth decay. In fact, nine out of ten adults have some decay by the age of 40, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Factors such as habits, lifestyle, and certain medical conditions can increase your risk. We will advise you about nutrition, supplements, fluoride, mouth rinses, effective brushing and flossing techniques to assure that your dental health is well taken care of.

Great oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings are your best weapons against tooth decay and gum disease. During each visit, we will evaluate your oral health, and check for subtle, early signs of trouble. Decay or gum disease can be treated easily and effectively. The earlier we detect the damage the easier and the less invasive the procedure.
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Dental Don’ts: Habits that are Hurting Your Teeth

Take this advice from Your Family Dentist Dr. William J Cruse DDS

In order for your teeth to last your lifetime, you have to practice good oral hygiene and proper dental care. People know they are supposed to brush and floss, but many don’t consider that everyday habits can hurt their teeth. Nail biting, for example, is considered a bad habit because it ruins your nails, but did you know it damages your teeth as well? This common habit may cause splinters or cracks in your teeth. It can also introduce nasty germs into your mouth that can infect your gums and teeth.

Sucking lemons is another habit that can hurt your teeth. Have you ever watched an adult in a restaurant hand a lemon wedge to a young child? The unsuspecting toddler will stick the lemon in his mouth, and the puckered look that quickly follows makes for a good laugh or a funny picture, but encouraging children to do this could be the beginning of a terrible habit. Lemons are very acidic and repeated exposure to acidic substances can cause tooth enamel to erode, causing the surface of your teeth to become rough.

Crunching ice and chomping on pen caps are more examples of habits that can begin young and also roughen the surface of your teeth. Teeth weren’t intended to chomp down on items as hard as ice, plastic pens, or even hard candies.

Our teeth also weren’t meant to twist open nail polish caps, rip bags of chips, or tug off clothing tags. Teeth are meant to help you eat, talk and smile – they aren’t tools! If you need a wrench, use a wrench, but don’t risk cracking a tooth or damaging dental work because you wouldn’t make a trip out to the garage.

In fact, don’t stick anything in our mouth that isn’t food or specifically deigned for your oral hygiene! Using the wrong equipment to do the job of dental floss or a toothbrush can be a painfully damaging mistake! Paperclips and toothpicks shouldn’t be used to get something out from your teeth. Using these objects may lead to gum and tooth damage. So ignore the free toothpicks in restaurants and keep dental floss in your purse or car glove compartment instead.

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching are harder habits to break as they don’t happen consciously. During stressful situations or even while sleeping, teeth grinding and jaw clenching puts pressure on the jaw. Finding ways to relax may be easier said than done, so those who have this bad habit may want to talk to their dentist about getting a night guard to protect their teeth while sleeping.

Consuming sugary drinks is another bad habit you need to break if you want healthier teeth and a better smile. The sugar and acid in soda erodes teeth enamel. Sports drinks aren’t good for your teeth either. Like soda, sports drinks contain acid and sugar. Another problem caused by sports drinks is the timing of when they’re used. When people drink sports drinks after exercise while mouths are drier, the bacteria present in the mouth uses the sugar as food and create cavities, and the acid doesn’t get buffered by saliva resulting in decalcifications along the gum line.

And in general, don’t neglect your oral hygiene! Collapsing into bed without brushing and flossing, regularly skipping flossing because you think rinsing with mouthwash will be enough, and ignoring regular dental care are all terrible habits that will lead you on a short path to tooth decay!

Yes, using mouthwash kills gingivitis, but mouthwash can’t get to the bacteria below the gums and between teeth. To remove these bacteria, one needs to floss. And ignoring regular dental care by delaying cleanings and avoiding necessary dental repairs can lead to big problems down the road.

Like with all bad habits, the first step is to admit your problem. Becoming more disciplined and vigilant about protecting and preserving your teeth will save you time in the dentist’s chair and will prolong your healthy smile for many, many years to come.

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